Endings & Diet Questions

I am done with Dr. N for (hopefully) ever. Paid $20 for my medical records-ridiculous! I am done. Hurray!
I wrote Dr. F about my diet:
About this diet. I have been following the plan very consistently and I don’t feel very well. The last three weeks I have felt depressed. I was looking forward to the more evening out of moods b/c of the lack of sugar spikes and instead I just stay low, lower than normal. I was fully prepared for an adjustment period the first 3-4 days even up to a week but improvement has been little to none since then. I wake up and don’t want to get up and the number of emotional breakdowns these past few weeks has been more than I have had in my entire life put together!

I also have this heaviness in my legs I have not experienced before. I walk at a pretty high rate of speed effortlessly everyday with the dogs and lately I have slowed down and it takes a lot of effort to do even the shorter walks. Today I had a hard time even finishing a weight class I was teaching. I usually am able to push through it but not today. I have taken some of my classes away and I am doing level one of everything and I still don’t seem to be feeling any better.

Again, I expected this in the first couple of weeks but not continuing to happen. Where is this hydraulic energy I was promised?! I guess what is even more frustrating, energy was not ever my problem but now it is. As an additional fun ‘change’ I feel bloated most of the time. My clothes are fitting loose in places I don’t want them to but my stomach feels ick.

I understand that my life has changed immensely in the past couple of months and some mental strain is to be expected. This just seems extreme. The emotional trauma along with the physical upset I am wondering if this diet is for me.
Feedback would be grand! Thank you.


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