My new diet

Dr. F calls me and tells me the results are in. My vitamins and mineral ratios are all jacked up (my words, not his) and I should go on a detox diet and start taking supplements. I have trace levels of lead and my cells are dehydrated. It also showed m body is not absorbing the vitamins and minerals it needs, my adrenal glands are super-stressed, I overeat carbs, I have decreased thyroid effect (at the cellular level), my body is in a parasympathetic state, impaired digestion, inflammation, and my blood vessels are weakening. All information gathered from my hair. So I go home with this information and vow to start the diet on Sunday (it was a Wednesday when I got the info). Brian and I eat Chinese food, Jimmy Johns (my absolute favorite sub place) and gluten-free pancakes as a last hurrah for carbs. Nothing but meat, fish and most veggies and select fruits for the next two months.


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