Baking Soda & Vinegar

Hurray for baking soda and vinegar!!

I have one of those clear plastic tea containers and of course the tea stains it-yuck. The papers that came with it (yes I still have them and yes I read them) said to put hot vinegar inside of it-I put the vinegar in a glass measuring cup for 3-5 minutes, put the vinegar inside of the container and let soak for 20 minutes and voila! stains gone. From plain old white vinegar.

Since I had a tea container full of vinegar I decided to clean my drains as well. Using the “old” baking soda (the stuff I used to de-stench my fridge and freezer) poured down the drain and then goes a bunch of vinegar on top. Mini-white volcano in my tub and sinks! Remember the fun volcanoes one made during science class? This is so much better because it is cleaning and deodorizing the drains! Oh the bubbly fun of it all!

Cheap thrills, no more stains or icky smells. A very productive day I would say!

Side note: Do not do the vinegar and baking soda thing in your kitchen sink if it has a garbage disposal in it. Something about the baking soda and the disposer do not get along well together.


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