A fellow MS lady

Through my mother-in-law I was put in contact via email with another woman who has MS. I wrote her saying:
Hey there! How are you?! Mrs. S sent you an email talking about me and my recent MS diagnosis. I heard you are on of the “lucky” with it too.
Maybe you could take a moment and tell me about your progression, therapy and results. Any info is helpful. To learn about me check out my blog under my signature.
She wrote back:
Hi, i take rebif injections 3 times a week. I have tried all the medicine they make to help with the fatigue and none of it works. I can do things ,but I can do a little and then I have to rest. This condiotion what I do. I used to get up at 5:00 everyday and raise 4 kids and I can’t even think about doing that. It took me about 21/2 years to accept my limitations. That was hard for me. I loved my job and did not want to leave but nobody understood what I was going through. It is a hard ajustment but hang in there. M

Not exactly uplifting…


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