A Flare-Up

I think my MS is unhappy and I am having some symptoms that are strange.

On Thursday my chest and upper back feel like they are sunburned to the touch. The skin does not hurt unless I touch it lightly and then it feels like it has been burned. I have not been out in the sun (any more than usual) and I have been wearing t-shirts most of the time. I thought it could have been a perfume I put on that my skin did not like but having taken showers and the feeling is still there. Still feels like it today too…

Yesterday I woke up and the bottom of my feet feel like they have been asleep and walking on them feels very strange. Feels almost like walking on pins and needles but not nearly so painful. Just weird. The feeling has gotten stronger. On Saturday I only felt it when I walked but now I feel it sitting here. They also feel very warm. I thought maybe it was a new lotion I had tried or something, but again with the showers and still the weirdness.

Sigh…All the stress and sugar. Poor brain.


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