My Affirmations

-I am special, valuable & beautiful
-I am truly worth loving just as I am today
-I am beautiful & worthy of the most tender, loving care I can lavish on myself
-I treat my body with love & respect
-I am special & worthy of all the positive things that life has to offer
-I honor my body where it is today
-I celebrate my successes
-I am confident -I am positive. I radiate good things. I have a glow about me. -I am confident in my ability to succeed -I can be anything & I don’t have to be everything
-People like me and I feel good about myself
-I have a sense of pride in who I am & I believe in myself
I know that greatness begins in the minds of the great. I know that what I believe about myself is what I will become so I believe in the very best for myself
-I have no room in my life for fear, bitterness, regret or negativity
-I am made of the stuff of stars
-I have greatness within me
Everyday & in every way I am getting better & better


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