Today’s Symptoms

Mr. H and I went to the Soulard Market-hurray for colorful vegetables in natural lighting! I got lots of vegetables to freeze and some kale to try a green smoothie this week. Hopefully yum!
So the episode update. I have chosen to call it an episode because it’s sometimes funny, sometimes sad and will have an end (hopefully soon!).

Friday- I taught a class that morning-weights-and think that did not help my episode. I was so exhausted I laid down for a bit, feel asleep and woke up two hours later and had not moved. Felt a bit better after my power nap. That night, not to get too personal here but sex does not feel like anything. Shoot! That was going to be my crutch (since I am trying not to use food or exercise as my escape-husband was fine with that idea!) but now what?! Mr. H, through it all, awesome as always.

At the market could not feel the lower half of my body very well. My legs felt stiff and they did not move very well at all. I feel like I am stumbling slightly. I take pride in walking with great posture and grace but not so much today. Kind of jerky and twitchy. Mr. H did not seem to notice so maybe it’s just me. My feet are still tingling.

Right now my legs feel a bit better. Not so stiff and heavy. Feet still tingling but nothing I cannot deal with. Trying to take an easy. This sucks. This episode is lasting for so long and being on both sides of my body and such a large part of it is disconcerting. I am fearful it will not go away. Fingers crossed and praying…


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