You Gotta Keep Dancin’

subtitle-In the midst of life’s hurts, you can choose joy!

A great book by Tim Hansel, recommended by Nancy.

After suffering a fall while moutain climbing, Mr. T deals with daily excrutiating pain due to his unstable vertebrae. Pain is a fact of life since the doctors cannot do anything for him aside from drugs. He has chosen to live fully and tell his story to inspire others.

While I was reading it I kept thinking how he states the things I have been thinking so clearly and simply. He has quotes sprinkled throughout the book also (I realy enjoy quotes!).

I love the quote at the end of the book:

There is no box

made by God

nor us

but that the sides can be flattened out

and the top blown off

to make a dance floor

on which to celebrate life.

-Kenneth Caraway

That’s all I want to give away of the book. I highly suggest you read it for yourself!


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