Another MS Lady

Spoke on the phone the other day with a lady who has had MS for about 8 years. She has relapse-remitting and said that if she makes it another year or so with the r-r she will stay that way always. I hope that is true.

She was very energetic which was fun and talked almost the whole time while I listened. She has tried many prescription drugs for MS, some she has had bad reactions with (anaphylactic shock with one!) but is still taking some form of medication. She has done medical studies but did not want to do the most recent one coming up b/c she did not want to track all of her daily symptoms. It is far too easy to get really down if the focus is on the way you feel, especially with MS. She is very active with raising money for MS through runs and has quite a team that she runs with. The money helps those who cannot afford medication and she is very proud of how she helps. What fun!

She has sensitivity to heat but has not let MS stop her from doing anything. She has it but it does not have her.

It was refreshing speaking with someone who still has energy and zest for life-MS or not. I wish her continued health and happiness and am glad we were able to speak ; or at least I was able to hear what she had to say!


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