Visit to the Parental Homestead

I went to my parent’s this past week for some R&R-rooster and ruckus more like! While there they got a dairy cow named Joan and 13 Guneas (a type of bird that I kept calling pigmies). The 13 birdies became 6 after a night of sleep. Something ate the little ones because we could not figure out how to get them to go anywhere safe and enclosed. We thought the chicken coop area they were in was sealed but apparently not. The carnage! A bit traumatic for us all.

I spent most of my time reading books while the parents where taking care of their animals. They have 16 chickens (one named Matilda), a rooster named Charlie, two donkeys (Shorty and Muffin), the new cow (Joan) 8 dogs (Peanut, Pebbles, Emma, HoneyPie, Lucy, Daisy, RagaMuffin and Skeeter), 5 cats (Pixie, Tinkerbell, Serena, Lucky and Roxanne) and two cows staying on their property to graze (Twinkles and ?). Plus a garden, raw food for the dogs & cats to prepare and taking care of themselves. Shew! Always something for them to do!

Enjoyed time talking with my parents while doing various activities. Discussing if there was perfection in the Garden of Eden with my Pa (I say no-things were good but Adam still stubbed his toe on roots, he just did not curse about it!). Talking about various girlie things with my mom over me learning how to crochet (went ok, not going to make a career out of my wares anytime soon) and watching P.S. I Love You (a fabulous, sad and wonderful movie).

The books I read were really great! Here they are:
Eat Mangoes Naked by SARK (a book about enjoying life’s daily pleasures)
Prosperity Pie by SARK (a book about seeing the abundance in life, not the scarcity)
Go Green, Live Rich by David Bach (title says it all)

I am urging my Pa to write down about his country adventures titled: From City to Country: My Nose Dive Adventure into Backwoods Living. A few chapter headings could/would be: Catch & Release (not just for fish anymore,he has a neighbor that uses this on women too), Country Math (how 13 becomes 6 in 12 hours or less-see the info about the Guneas above), and All in the Family (somehow everyone is related, is the family tree a stump?!). I hope he does-the result would be hilarious for country and city folk alike.

I also wrote down a huge amount of gluten-free recipes for me when I stop doing the detox diet.

So, a pretty productive week I will have to say!


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