Ways to Cope with Cravings

Ways to Cope with Cravings
Dance, Play, Laugh
Light a candle
Clasp hands behind back & stretch shoulders; massage your temples; inhale deeply
Wait 15 minutes
Change your daily routine
Look at the big picture (nothing tastes so good as being thin feels)
Hug…someone, a tree, yourself
Do…your nails, one thing at a time, a chore, a good deed, some volunteer work
Go…for a walk, swimming, on a bike ride, to the library, to an arcade, fly a kite, find a fountain and sit by it, and listen to the birds, and read something funny, wash your car
Drink…a glass of water, hot chocolate, tea
Sing a song
Talk to yourself
Write in your journal
Learn a new skill
Pet your pet
Watch a funny movie
Meditate, visualize, plan a vacation
Sniff Vanilla


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