Sushi and Serenity

My first attempt at sushi was a success!
I have been wanting to make my own sushi for a while now. Had already purchased the supplies-rice vinegar, wasabi, nori (the seaweed wrap) and a bamboo mat. I was ready to go but it was always easier to just buy it at Dierbergs (especially when they started carrying it with brown rice!). So the ingredients sat-unused in my kitchen cabinets until now…
The other night I had the brilliant (ha, ha) idea of riding our bikes out to the grocery store (for my sushi fix) and a trip to Borders for some book browsing. Mr. B was game (such a great guy!) and off we pedaled (with a bottle of wheat-free soy sauce). First stop needed to be Target to get a lock for our bikes so we could actually go into the store together. I sat outside of Target and people watched (always a fun pastime) while Mr. B chose the best lock. Took him quite a while…
Next stop-sushi time. I am now an ingredient-list-looker (due to avoidance of gluten and sugar as much as possible) and noticed how much added stuff they put in sushi. You would think it’s just rice, nori, fish of some sort and maybe a veggie. I was surprised to find high fructose corn syrup and wheat on the label. WHAT FOR?! Deciding this would be my last store-bought sushi experience I savored every one those little rolls and vowed to make my own the next day!
We did not end up going to Borders-Mr. B made an executive (aka smart) decision and we went home because it was starting to rain and get dark. Riding around on the unlit bike trail, on skinny and smooth tires, when everything is wet and with little animals running around-not the best plan. So we made it home in one piece with the addition wet hinneys and heads.
So today I made the sushi and it turned out quite well if I do say so myself. I only used rice, carrots and cucumbers because that is what I had and simple seemed the best way to go. Veggies chopped thin, rice made and mixed with a bit of Truvia, rice vinegar and salt and nori. Roll it tight and enjoyed with soy sauce. As you can see, we enjoyed it thoroughly-almost all gone before I took the picture!
The serenity-while making the sushi I was pretty focused on the task at hand. No worrying about tomorrow, my MS, my schedule this week-just sushi. I forgot how much I love to bake and cook things. There is always the satisfaction of making something out of something else and getting to eat it! Creating dishes (the edible and washable ones) in my kitchen used to bring me such joy. I stopped doing it because of all the diet limitations-took the fun out of it all. I realized (again-I need constant reminding) how this diet is CHANGING the way I eat. Not destroying it. I don’t get to eat X but I can enjoy Y as an alternative or something new. I borrowed a bunch of cookbooks from the library on wraps, rolls, vegan and allergy-free. I cannot wait to dive into them and find some delicious things to scarf. While there I picked up a book on napkin folding. Using cloth napkins has been fun why not use them to make the table settings pretty too? Form and function-love it!
What will be my next step to serenity? What are yours?

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