My Dogs

Some days I wonder why I am here. What is my purpose? Today I think it is something as simple as my dogs. They are my special little buddies and I love them dearly. They make me laugh, make me scream and make me remember to enjoy the moment-right now.

I have six furry friends. There are five pictured here (although one you can only see the tip of her ear sticking out!). In no particular order…

Annabelle-not pictured here, is our Corgi mixed with something bigger. She is about 50 pounds of love and shedding hair. The top of her head always smells yummy and she is so huggable. Sweet Belle.

There is Gizmo-my Pomeranian (pictured as the blonde fuzzy one at the top of the couch). She is my sweetest “dumb blonde“. Most of the time it looks like she has no idea what is going on. When she is happy her long-haired tail swishes back and forth so gracefully. Her face and tail radiate excitement and playfulness. She has one of the most obnoxious barks and feels the need to have the last word. My little Gizzie.

Next is Gremlin-the little ear in the picture. She is a black chihuahua and is at least 10 years old. She gets grayer in her face every year. Sometimes when she looks up at you her ears stick straight out to the sides-hence her name. She hardly has any teeth and her tongue sticks out a bit when she is relaxed. Little Gremie has the most kissable cheeks and pick-up-able little body. So cute.

Let’s see, Franklin. He is the one curled up against my leg in the picture. He is all boy-sweet, obnoxious and energetic. He is my tenacious terrier and my favorite boy in the land. Frank has a beard, a curly tail and ears that stick up when alert and sometimes tip when he is being cute. Franklin is my walking buddy and his body is built like a tank-he is solid muscle and can go forever! He is the dog most close to my personality. Crazy energy!!

My other walking buddy is Jack. He is curled up on the top of the couch. Jack is very affectionate and loves to be around humans. He has a happy face and tail and can leap to great heights despite a funky knee. He is on my lap as I type this. Sweet jack-a-loupe.

Last, but not least, there is Peanut. She is a tan chihuahua filled with attitude and sass. She doesn’t listen to anything I say but does whatever Mr. B asks of her. She loves to be under any blanket available and has a special like for older men!

So, today my purpose is to enjoy my four-legged children. We went outside today in the sunshine and enjoyed it. They like to sniff around, eat grass and do dog things while I keep an eye on them all. I brushed them while we were out there which is always an interesting task-most of them love to be brushed and fight over being the one having it done. Hair flies and little behinds wiggle. Makes me smile.

It’s the simple and little things that are most important, right?


4 thoughts on “My Dogs

  1. Hello – I just happened upon your blog and have been reading some of you posts.My dogs Catfish and Annie are my special friends and hang with me no matter what. Some days Catfish and I just hang in bed and read – well shh I read to him LOLkmilyun

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