Who knew that salt is processed just like everything else which can make it not used in the best of ways inside one’s body?!
Dr. F suggested I start using unrefined sea salt in my diet daily. It tastes pretty good-a bit saltier than regular salt so I use less of it but it makes popcorn extra tasty! It has an almost gray and wet appearance-the stuff that is usually removed during processing but where the goodies (nutrients, flavor) are. So I snooped around on the web a bit and found some other sources for unrefined salt. Interesting.

Sources of unrefined salt on the web:
Redmond Minerals, Inc.P.O. Box 219Redmond, UT 84652Phone: 435-529-7402Toll Free: 1-800-367-7258Fax: 435-529-7486E-Mail:mail@redmondminerals.com
The Grain and Salt Society273 Fairway Drive Asheville, NC 288051-800-TOP-SALT (867-7258)Fax: (828) 299-1640topsalt@aol.com
Clearaspring Ltd.19A Acton Park Estate London W3 7QEUnited Kingdom081-749-1781
Grain and Salt Society Box 629Avalon BeachN.S.W. 2107Australia02-974-1151
Grain and Salt SocietyP.O. Box DD Magalia, CA 95954(916) 872-5800(Fax) 872-5524
Hawaiian Specialty Salt Company, Inc.P.O. Box 5766Hilo, HI 96720

At you will find the finest natural and organic products: organic and natural gray sea salts, organic first cold-pressed oils, natural and organic recipes, and lots of useful natural and organic health information.


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