Finding a good doctor

I have been trying to get a hold of a particular Dr. (an MS specialist) for almost two months now and it has crossed the ridiculous line into the asinine side. I am to the point I am not even sure I WANT to see her or would have anything nice to say once I did. Maybe the timing just isn’t right. Frustrating just the same.
Here are some questions that I found are good to ask when searching for a new doctor (if you ever get a hold of them!).

Is the doctor taking new patients?

Does the doctor honor my insurance plan?

What are the office hours?

When I call to make an appointment, how soon can I be seen?

How much time is allowed for each office visit?

Is there a cancellation charge?

Does the doctor discuss health problems over the phone or by email?

Does the doctor have nurse practitioners or physician assistants on staff who can manage routine health problems?

Who fills in for the doctor when he or she is away?

What hospitals does the doctor use?

MS Specific (asked to doctor)
How many MS patients do you currently care for?
How many MS patients do you see per year (on average)?
What is the typical treatment plan?

Are you open to treatments with supplements and alternative care?


One thought on “Finding a good doctor

  1. LOVE this list, especially the last question. I want to know that my doc will support my decision to be in charge of my own health, even if that includes non-traditional medicines like supplements or certain types of therapy. Good job!

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