Word of the Week-Give

Did you make better choices last week?

This week-in honor of the approaching holiday the word is-giving.
I thought about thanks and turkey but giving seemed to rise as the winner.
Give-to make a present of

Monday-Give the best of yourself today. Step out of bed this morning and give to all-in any way you can. You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself -Harvey S. Firestone
Tuesday-Give something away. I am sure there is at least one something in your house you no longer use, need or want. Give it away-to Goodwill perhaps!
Wednesday-Give to yourself. Today do something for you that you enjoy-just because.
Thursday-Enjoy Thanksgiving Day! Be thankful, giving and remember the turkey!
Friday-Give a smile. Smiles can change you, others and ultimately the world. Smile as much as possible today, especially if you are doing the Black Friday shopping thing!

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one -Mother Teresa


One thought on “Word of the Week-Give

  1. Love your quote at the bottom. I tried to write a book about diabetes. I wrote to 50 publishers and got lots of rejection letters. I then realized that I didn't have to write a bestseller to give/share/inspire others. I just needed to take a bite, a small step. And I did and now have a successful writing career w/magazines. 🙂

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