Changes, Motivation, Goals but NOT resolutions!!

I have completely fallen off the healthy eating movement. I have excuses, as we all do, but they don’t really mean anything. I MUST go back to eating healthier-for my body, mind and life!

First step, awareness a change is necessary. Recognizing the need for change is the first step (my name is Charity and I am addicted to sugar, etc). I know I have a problem when it comes to sugar, I can hardly have it around me anymore-it calls my name!

I then need to recognize the fear and do it anyway-real change happens because the thought of staying the same becomes worse than the fear of change. I certainly do not want to have my MS symptoms return and/or get worse. I will no longer be a slave to my taste buds! My body is a living machine and needs the highest quality food possible to work at its best.

Next, find my “why.” Finding my motivation, has been difficult. At first, my motivation was not wanting to be in a wheelchair and/or having my husband be the one to clean my hinney. 🙂 This change has not lasted because the thing I wanted was not positive or affirming. Working on finding a “why” that motivates me. I find others are usually motivated by wanting to be around for their children and having energy to play with them. Children are not around me, energy is not a problem for me, so what could be my motivation? Why am I making this change? I still don’t have the answer. Without that why I find it near impossible to resist the jar of cookie dough, the gluten-filled products and chocolate.

Rewards-I am a firm believer in healthy rewards along the way of any change. I have to make the journey as good as the destination! Sounds like a perfect time for a list! Little gifts for me-a pedicure, a book, time in the tub, time for watching smut TV (although this might not be the best reward!), a new and cute pair of socks or underoos, etc. Another great idea! Bringing it back to old school-STICKERS and smiley faces!!! Putting a sticker on the days I do the habit/change I am trying to create is a great visual way to see the steps I am making towards my goal. Seeing a calendar full of stickers is a reward all of its own. I think I am going to find my stickers and start doing it…
Common pitfalls:temptation, habits and not seeing the big picture. Temptation is all around me! I might as well stay in with my eyes closed all day long to avoid temptation. The trick is finding a way to redirect my thoughts away from the temptation to something else. Find my happy place. Think of what I will feel like when my goal is met. Visualize success. Habits-a large part of what I eat is habitual and a lot of times I am not even AWARE (my favorite word apparently!) I am doing it. I need to notice the times when I want to eat something not so healthy. Replace it with something else. Mr. B says I should replace it with “I am a beautiful butterfly.” I say replace the thought with push ups!
Missing the big picture-comes back to the “why”. Remembering the bigger reason I am trying to reach this goal. Again, I need to think of the way I am going to feel when I achieve it, remember to reward myself along the way and persevere!!

So, here is to new intentions and the new year-CHEERS!!

The only constant is change -Proverb
Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever Keri Russell
Be the change you want to see in the world Mahatma Gandhi


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