Word of the Week-Non-Attachment

This week’s word: Non-Attachment-to NOT attach oneself to ideas, expectations, things. Let go.
Non-attachment helps rid yourself of unnecessary unhappiness. Liberating.
Monday-The next time you are in an uncomfortable situation, instead of running away stay there. Breathe. Learn something about yourself (applies to tough yoga poses too)
Tuesday-The next time you are experiencing something wonderful (dessert, a hug, a book) don’t think about what’s next. Enjoy the moment and then release it.
Wednesday-Next time you are scared, contemplate what is going on. Don’t try to minimize or judge your fear. Take a 3rd person view of the situation.
Thursday-When doing something you enjoy, look upon it meditatively. Not trying to make it last longer but to enjoy it as it is. Right now.
Friday- Take a look at your physical body. Remember, enjoy it for what it does for you, not how it looks. It will change before you know it!The only constant is change.


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