Silence & Television

A friend of mine made a post about cable television . Made me think and I posted this comment and want to expand this idea a bit…
It is frightening how much time is spent in front of screens instead of in front of others. I often use the television for background noise because I don’t like the silence and inevitably get sucked in. Perhaps it is really b/c I don’t like the sounds from my own mind…I strive to embrace the silence! “You can hear the footsteps of God when silence reigns in the mind” Sri Sathya Sai Baba

What if instead of television I..
* whenever I get home, instead of my usual habit of turning on the TV, I grabbed a glass of water and savored the silence of coming home before moving onto the next activity?
* stood in chair pose whenever I did watch TV? I guarantee I would have awesome quads or would watch much less television!
* spent that time with my husband fixing something? Wait, I don’t know if I (or he) would survive the power tools and patience needed!
* called a friend, just to chat and catch up? I could build stronger relationships instead of gathering more useless knowledge.
* grabbed a brush and a dog? I would have less hair in my home and happy dogs!
* read a book? I have enough on my list!
* pulled out a fun stuff idea from Keri Smith? I put them in a jar and can’t wait to draw one out and do the activity listed!
* wrote in my journal?

What are some ideas you have for time better spent?
Turn it OFF!!!!


One thought on “Silence & Television

  1. Great list of ideas! I have been better these past few days about not so much TV….but winter evenings are difficult. There's no going out for a walk for sure. šŸ™‚ I'm trying!

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