Word of the Week-Aware

This week’s word: Aware-implies vigilance in observing or alertness in drawing inferences from what one experiences. As we cultivate daily awareness, we grow in purpose.
Simply put: PAY ATTENTION!!

ACTION!!!!Monday-when taking a shower today be aware of how you feel. Engage all of your senses. Enjoy!
Tuesday-take time to be aware of your heartbeat. Notice how it increases when you breathe in and slows down as you breathe out. Listen to your heart.
Wednesday-step outside and be aware of the natural beauty around you. Stop and smell the roses too!
Thursday-look at someone you love as if you are seeing them for the first time (or the last tme). Become aware of how you feel.
Friday-take a different route to or from somewhere. Notice how you feel when you take the route less traveled.
The more aware you are, the more aware you will become.


One thought on “Word of the Week-Aware

  1. Great post. I think we go through life on auto-pilot so much. I was just looking through my photo albums and thinking—wow, when did my baby get so big? Wow—I actually had a good hair day once. Wow—is it really January again? Being aware is so important!

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