Hello Seniors-Part I

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the graduating class at a local high school today and here is what I talked about (in 5 parts):

In the beginning…

I first started taking yoga because I could barely touch my knees comfortably. I was lifting weights to gain muscle mass and weight and when I was done ‘pumping iron’ I kept telling myself I would stretch later. Later never came and eventually I found myself very stiff indeed.

Think about conflicts in your life-relationships (with parents, teachers, other students, girlfriends/boyfriends etc). Close your eyes and as you do, notice where your feel tension these conflicts create in your body. Is it in your shoulders? A tightness in your chest? A stiffness in your neck? Becomes aware of where the tension sits and what it feels like. Now, take a deep breath. Breathe some space between the tight spots and notice how the stress dissipates.

When we are stressed our bodies, minds & souls tighten and coil. This constriction does not allow anything in-good ideas, breathe or positive influences. No flow. By learning to breathe deeply and gently, you uncoil & release that tension. Opening the way for all things great and wonderful to flow through you. Breathe deeply.

Some poses to ease the tension in upper body:
*Sitting tall, roll shoulders forward & backward. Enjoy the sensation
*Drop chin to chest and roll head side to side. Inhale-draw right ear to right shoulder. Exhale chin back to chest. Inhale-draw left ear to left shoulder. Exhale chin back to chest. Repeat a few times on each side. Allow weight of head to stretch and relax the muscles in neck.

*Eagle Arms-extend both arms and place right elbow in crease of left arm. Wrap wrists if you like and draw elbows in line with shoulders. Reach elbows slightly forward without allowing shoulders to crowd ears. Draw small circles with elbows, breathing as you do. Reverse directions of circles. Release and repeat on the other side.
Yoga Philosophy for Life-Forcing creates pain, breath eases all.

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