Yup, I have it. Yup, it’s gross.

What fun! I have never been so out of breath in my life. I walk up the stairs and it takes me almost ten minutes to catch my breath! I debate if it is worth the trip down the hall for whatever I think I need because I know I will have to rest afterwards. Far from the norm for me-aerobics instructor, sometimes runner, daily speed walker and all around mover (and shaker!).

Look at all the meds. Jack even looks concerned for me. I feel for those who have to take pills everyday. The antibiotic retails for $194.99, ouch! Thank goodness for insurance.

An evening of firsts-pneumonia diagnosis, a shot in the butt (feels like I have been punched), a nebulizer treatment, 94% pulse OX (how well my body is using oxygen, this is low norm but very low for me) and a chest x-ray. How did I go so long without these things? It’s more likely I have forgotten if they had happened before, oh blessed memory blocks.

It makes me laugh a bit when the nurse and doctor ask me about my health history. I tell them I have MS and then they ask, anything else? Anything else?! Isn’t that enough?!

B has been so super helpful and nice during all of this. He took me to Express Care, sat around with me and picked up my medications later that evening. He is my knight in shining armor. Maybe I should tell him this in a card…
While waiting around in the room at Express Care, I asked him why he didn’t leave me, specifically after my MS diagnosis. He said it was because of 3 things:
1. he cares about me
2. he made a vow/commitment
3. honor
Pretty good reasons I would say. Would I say the same if the situation was reversed?

So today I am forced to take it easy. Not move around a bunch and relax. Just typing that last line stresses me out and makes me want to run!! Good thing the meds are kicking in so I am hacking up my lungs and getting sleepy…


One thought on “Pneumonia

  1. There's something to say about our men who stuck by us, you know? We really have WINNER husbands. Good men are hard to come by. And society makes it REALLY easy for us to flake out on one another. Divorce is so accessible and very common (over 50% of first marriages fail, and I believe it's 70% of second marriages, and so forth). I am blessed to have my husband.

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