Lighten up for Summer

Notice the season changing. Hurray for sunshine and heat. Here are some ways to lighten up for summer:

1. Clean up, clear the clutter. Store couch throws, afghans, fireplace tools, quilts and furry slippers until next winter.

2. Lighten the palette-change the color of your accessories from warm to cool hues. Think blues, lavenders, greens and whites. Set out soft-hued towels in the bathroom and kitchen.

3. Dim down the light. Shade windows in cool, natural materials to soften the sun’s heat & glare.

4. Change the textures. Switch to natural, breathable fabrics-cotton rugs, organic cotton sheets.

5. Freshen up-use non toxic cleaning products made with citrus, vinegar & baking soda. Fill a small spray bottle with water and a few drops of lavender, orange or lemon essential oil for misting furniture, linens and carpets.

In honor of the changing seasons I will be posting about ways to clean, organize and de-clutter your home every Friday-fun weekend projects and tips for you to try today!!


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