Word of the Week-Change Your Thoughts

Yes, this week the word is a phrase of utmost importance.

Monday-What are some negative thoughts/things you tell yourself. Change them into positives. You ARE fabulous!

Tuesday-What are some beliefs you hold about others? Work to see the best things in other people.

Wednesday-Do you spiral into a negative circle sometimes? Stop it at the beginning by changing gears into a positive mindset. Takes practice but with time it will become natural.

Thursday-What are your thoughts towards new ideas? Do you automatically turn them down? Try to embrace change & newness.

Friday-Change is a choice. Your thoughts are your choice. Play the right tape!

A great article on this topic can be found here.

What if we all changed our minds and decided that life is an adventure, others love us & we are wonderful just the way we are? How would this change the world? What if?!


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