Word of the Week-Need

Need-something that is necessary.

Monday-need & greed. Do you really NEED a new car, house, or whatever? There is quite a difference between need & want. Remember this today. Earth provides enough to meet evey man’s need, but not every man’s greed -Mahatama Gandhi More insight on this topic here.

Tuesday-What people need to learn most in life is how to love people & use things instead of using people & loving things. You need to love others (and yourself). Do it today and always!

Wednesday-what do you need to be the best YOU you can be? A pedicure, a fast computer, a loving partner? (still keeping in mind needs vs wants) Figure out what you need and watch it come to you!

Thursday-you need to take responsibility for yourself, your actions & your attitude! Have a YES! attitude!

Friday-“all we need is love” -John Lennon

More quotes at ThinkExist


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