When purchasing fish be sure to check into these varieties.

The Winners-high in omega 3: Anchovies, Herring-Atlantic (US, Cananda), Mackerel-Atlantic, Oysters (farmed), Sablefish/black cod (Alaskan), Sardines, Salmon-wild (Alaskan); canned pink or sockeye (Alaskan)

Additional Healthy Winners (low in environmental contaminants & harvested in an environmentally responsible manner):

Abalone, Arctic Char, Catfish, Caviar-US farmed, Clams (farmed), Crab-Dungeneess, snow (canada), Stone, Craw fish (US), Halibut-Pacific (Alaskan), Mahimahi (US-Atlantic), Mussels (farmed), Scallops-bay (farmed), Shrimp northern (cananda) Oregon pink (US farmed), Spot prawns, Striped bass (farmed), Sturgeon (US Farmed), Tilapia (US),Tuna canned light (Albacore/white has more mercury than canned light)


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