Before Eating

I have been working on drastically changing my diet for the better. I found these tips to be helpful things to remember before eating.

Bring awareness to develop an inner sense of what truly nourishes you.
Take a moment of silence, or say grace before eeating
Sit down for meals & slow down to savor them
Choose high quality foods-fresh, organically grown & thoughtfully prepared.
Experience with full consciousness the pleasure of eating
Let go of fear-of being perfect, weight too much, eating too much
Seek help if eating too much is a long-standing problem
Find a peaceful way to relate to your body

Food is here to nourish your body, and maybe your soul. The balance of not too much, or too little is oh so important when it comes to feeding your body. I wish you luck (and me too) healthy & happy eating!


2 thoughts on “Before Eating

  1. I KNOW I need to work on this…but having a child and eating with that child means getting up two, three, or four times during a meal. Sigh! We do manage to eat healthy, but healthfully eating….not so much.

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