Word of the Week-Speechless

Take a step back from the noise & business of your days to be more restful & peaceful. Create space by being still, reflect rather than react and think about what matters. Being speechless can help you connect better to nature, yourself and others. Allow the silence you create to be a time of reflection.

Monday-Commit to a day this week without speech. Prepare family & friends ahead of time so they know what to expect.

Tuesday-Take a one-day sabbatical from email, phones, radio & TV.

Wednesday-Visit silence once again and remember the many ways you can get more of it in your life, not only through speechlessness.

Thursday-Spend a few quiet hours alone in nature.

Friday-Find ways to tell others how much you love them, without words (actions perhaps?!)

Check out Anne LeClaire’s book on Listening Below the Noise for further insights & study.


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