Vegan & Raw Potluck

This past Sunday I got the awesome opportunity to take part in a vegan & raw potluck. Made up my dish of Carrot Cake Salad, grabbed my brother and off to St Louis we went for some unique food and (hopefully) fun.
I will be honest, I had NO idea what to expect. Would these attendees be judgemental?Overwhelming? Holier than thou? Had to wait and see!
To ensure no riot was started on account of the things I was wearing (and to keep the possibility of red kool-aid/animal blood being poured over me-too many PITA videos watched!) I made sure my shoes and purse were NOT leather (an animal product of course), I kept the wool coat in the closet & a silk scarf off the purse. I grabbed my very own handmade soap-vegan and cold process (sorta raw) to show off too. Shew! It’s sad to think how much “animal” is in our daily food, wardrobe and skin care-why?!
Any of my fears were completely alleviated and negated. The people in the group were fabulous! We started by going around the entire group telling the others our name, what our dish was and one healthy thing we were doing for ourselves in the New Year. Lots of drum circles, sweat lodges & yoga newbies. It’s nice to hear POSITIVE ways to start the New Year-not just crazy resolutions & drunk party remembrances. I plan on NOT teaching this year (thank goodness for all of those new yoga students/teachers), focusing on my self-practice & having a baby. A focus inward and BLISS is the theme for this year for me!
We sat around a table with 7 or so people and our table was full of very eclectic individuals(we had a few vegetarians, a vegan, bison burgers eaters and more at just our table) full of ideas, opinions & good food. We talked about what books we were each reading (one of my favorite conversation starters), what we do for a living and much more. A very nice group of individuals.
Some things about vegan & raw
1. You can eat a TON of it
2. Lots of chewing is required
3. The colors of the food is absolutely amazing. Like art on one’s plate! Check out some pictures from the event at Fellow blogger & attendee.
4. Creativity is alive & abundant
5. You know how you can feel tired, bloated or uncomfortable after a meal? Not when you eat raw vegan. I felt light, satisfied & energized. Hip Hip Hurray!
6. Dessert was a smoothie made with almond milk, bananas & raw cacao. Have your chocolate dessert too!!

I encourage EVERYONE to try eating vegan and raw (even if only for one meal a week). Perhaps there will be a challenge around this coming up soon and I hope you will be encouraged to try it!

With a fruit smoothie in hand, a kale chip in the other, raising my glass to a New Year and new ways of eating, socializing, feeling & LIVING!!! OPA!!

Wanna join us for the next one? Check it out at:


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