Word of the Week-Thrive

Thrive-to grow strongly and vigorously;to do well; prosper

Are you thriving?

Monday-What does thrive mean to you? What do you need to live prosperously?

Tuesday-Does having lots of money help you thrive? Is it the things it can buy, security it gives your, prestige you feel when you have plenty of it? How much of it do you really need?

Wednesday-What kind of environment do you need to live in to thrive? Cluttered, sparse, a bit of everything? Surrounded by others? Solitude?

Thursday-How much activity do you need in a day in order to thrive? Plenty of time to stop and ponder or full of activity and movement?

Friday-What kind of food does your body (and consequently, your mind) need to thrive? The answer is NOT cookies and ice cream (although one would wish such a thing…). Some recipes to get you started on the right track:
Sushi, Carrot Cake Salad, Bean Salad, Green Goodness Salad.

Thrive in 2011!!!


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