Do you feel like you are surrounded by too much stuff? When was the last time you saw the top of your counters, desk or chairs?
If you answered yes and can’t remember, you are not alone.
You can find the time, know where to donate the goods and determine whether an item is worth hanging on to.
So, toss the excuses & some stuff!

1. Take a “before” picture of the area you have decided to work on.
2. Decide how long your are going to work. 15 minutes, half hour, one hour. Set a timer, turn on some tunes and GO!
3. Be prepared. Grab three boxes/containers/bags. Label one “Keep”, another one, “Toss,” and the third one “Give”.
4. Speed up the process of deciding whether to give, toss or keep by asking yourself some simple questions:
Do I love it? Does the object enhance or hinder my life?
Does it work?
Have I used it lately?
Do I have another one that is better?

The stuff in the “Toss” box-throw it away of course
The items in the “Give” box-can easily go to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

Some other unique options:
Dress for accepts interview-appropriate women’s clothing & shoes for disadvantaged women. collects almost-new formal dresses & accessories & gives them to Chicago high school students in need.
In most states, will schedule pickup of donated cars, Rvs, clothing & household goods. Proceeds from sales of donated goods support veterans programs.
Donate your old cell phone (they provide prepaid shipping labels) to Proceeds form recycling phones are used to buy calling cards for deployed soldiers.
Crayons (!!) can be sent to
If you are concerned about the value of the items you are ready to release, hire an appraiser to do a walk-through appraisal.
The items in the “Keep” box-put them away!
Take an “after” picture.
Get a glass of water, put your feet up and smile at what you have accomplished. Great job!

Some more resources: How to Declutter


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