Tossing Medications

Have you purged your medicine cabinet/drawer lately?

Maybe the time is now! Schedule some time to get this necessary task completed. When someone is sick, the last thing they want to grab is medication that is expired or ineffective.

1.Go through each medication. Is it expired? Does it work? Toss what you don’t need. Tossing Medications- Mix most expired pills with coffee grounds, cat litter or sawdust in a zippered plastic bag and throw it out with the garbage. This will keep them away from kids and pets and prevent harm to fish and other wildlife habitats. Exceptions-highly addictive drugs such as Percocet and OxyContin. Both are controlled substances (visit for a full list). These should be flushed, to eliminate any chance of accidental ingestion Another option is to participate in medication take-back program to find out if your area has one and which medications it accepts, contact the local waste-management office at your city hall. -Kristin Appenbrink Real Simple

2. Tools such as thermometers, gauze, facial tissue, adhesive bandages and more should be checked for cleanliness, packages still intact (where applicable) and quantity. Wash any medicine cups/spoons and store in a container/plastic bag to keep clean for the next use.

3. Create a list of items you need to replace. Consider a natural home medicine cabinet/first aid kit.

4. Return items to the medicine cabinet. Placed most frequently used items in the front. Keep in mind-after cleaning out the medicine cabinet you need to think about storage. The bathroom cabinet is not necessarily the ideal place-too much humidity and temperature fluctuations from showering. Consider storing the items in a cabinet far out of children’s reach.

Some other helpful tips from Organize Now! -a magnetic strip on the inside of the medicine cabinet is a great way to store tweezers, scissors & nail clippers -be sure to finish a medication or health product or throw it away before opening a new item that serves the same purpose -keep 10% of the cabinet empty to allow room for future purchases.


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