Many Uses of Essential Oils

Essential oils are amazing. Look at all the things they can do!

White Cedar Oil-disinfects & good for colds
Lime Oil-degreaser & general cleanser (light citrus scent)
Pine Oil-degreaser & disinfectant
Lemon, Orange & Grapefruit & Tea Tree Oil-tough degreasers
Lemon essential oil-works best on odors. Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral & boosts immune system
Eucalyptus Essential Oil-disinfecting; best for cutting grease. Works great on rings around tub, grease on mirrors & cuts soap scum.
Lavender Oil-disinfectant; has all properties needed for cleaning.
Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and boosts immune systems. Most everyone can use without an allergic reaction
Jasmine Essential Oil-works as a great cleaner & whitener. Kills mold & mildew
Thyme Essential Oil-antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial & boosts immune system
Orange/Lemon Peels-simmer for a fresh, natural scent
Castile & Vegetable Based Soaps-clean everything. Soap is made from fats & lye. Detergents are synthetic materials designed specifically so they don’t react with hard water minerals and cause soap scum. Buy biodegradable with no fragrances
Cornstarch-starches clothes, absorbs oil & grease
Lemon juice-cuts through grease & removes perspiration and other stains from clothing and as a bleach alternative. Neutralizes alkaline substances such as scale from hard water. Dissolves gummy buildup; eats away tarnish & removes dirt from wood surfaces


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