Word of the Week-Mindfulness Bells

We have worked on being aware and I thought the idea of mindfulness bells were a great way to be reminded of the importance of being present.

Everyday sounds can avert and grab our attention and pull us back into the present moment. The doorbell, the phone, the chime of an incoming text. We can use these interruptions as a reminder to bring our awareness back to where we are. Mindfulness bells!

Monday-Start simple. Today whenever the phone rings, take a deep breath and smile. Pick up on the second or third ring.

Tuesday-Pick a pleasant sound as your mindfulness bell. Laughter, a soothing song, a whir of a fan that cools.  Let this “bell” remind you of someone or something you love.

Wednesday-Pick a sound that is not your favorite-barking dogs, doorbells, construction noise. Instead of being annoyed try to allow these sounds to help you remember something you are grateful for.

Thursday-Your turn, your choice. Think of a mindfulness bell in your world and let it help you back to the present.

Friday-“Maybe I learn to attend to all the mindfulness bells in my world, so I can be present for my life and for the blessings that surround me” -Jean Smith

Inspired by the book Now! The Art of Being Truly Present by Jean Smith


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