I survived the week…

and thrived!

My week of being turned off went very well. I was more aware, focused singularly and enjoyed the present much more completely.

Less really IS more. I savored my reality moments. Forgot about the online noise.
I missed nothing of importance on Facebook or Twitter. I briefly checked my alerts on FB when I had the minutes to spare. No browsing around aimlessly through my wall, feeling like a peeping tom into other’s lives. I haven’t looked at Twitter yet…

My email inbox stayed manageable. I read through the overflow on Sunday in about 10 minutes. I answered the few personal emails in my alloted 5 mintes but kept the newsletters and such for Sunday. Worked out very well.

Keeping the TV off until 8 made the house a much quieter place. No useless chatter in the background. I also felt more blessed somehow. Maybe I wasn’t hearing the constant commercialism from the box to make me feel bad about myself and go out and buy something. Nice.

The no iPod during my morning walks was an adjustment. I didn’t have to spend extra time in the morning, per my usual routine, locating the small device. I listened to the sound of the trees in the breeze, the birds in the foliage lining the trail and the panting of my two dogs and cooing of my little baby boy. Blissful. Peaceful.

I tackled an organizing/decluttering project and it went fabulously!

I cleaned out a giant binder, a drawer full of hanging files and am still working on my bookshelf being severely culled.

Since I “couldn’t” read the objects contained within these items, the tossing (recycling) went quickly and mostly painlessly.

With the quiet moments I had, I realized my need for a place to keep my yoga mat ever available. Before, I had to move furniture in my living room, toss the dogs outside, unroll a foam mat and then my yoga mat. Soon I hope to have a place in my office that is already dog-free, carpeted and has an open space always available.

I have to get rid of an entire book shelf and all of its contents to make this a reality. Letting go of my beloved books and the dream to have my own personal library is sad but in its place will be, well, more space and more fun trips to the local library!

Also within the silence I enjoyed the sounds of my little baby boy even more.Without the constant chatter of book reading and/or need to check online stuff, my ears were more attuned to his little sounds. He is just learning how to make noise of any kind (other than crying) and is endearing and cute. His face adds to the “I’m too cute” cause too…

My dogs and I made contact once again. Petting their soft fur lowers the blood pressur and kissing their soft cheeks makes all seem right with the world. Christine Hassler had some excellent points to share about what she learned from spending time with two French Bulldogs. They have so much to teach us in their short lifetimes. Love for my furry friends!

I savored the shorter to-do list as well. It prompted me to write down the daily routines I have so I can keep more of the daily tasks out of my mind. Putting them on paper takes them out of my brain space. Clearing it for bigger and better ideas!

Interestingly, since coming back to the reading and listening to my iPod, the theme I keep seeing is FEAR. In my Yoga Journal magazine, in my Jennifer Louden newsletter, in the  book I’m reading My Year with Eleanor by Noelle Hancock all are addressing fear. The need for courage. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something, after I made space to listen…

So, this past week has been different and I liked it. I plan on keeping up the five minutes online daily and limit my TV being on. Who knows what the universe will say next!

Finding me authentic voice.

My own memoir perhaps?!


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