25 Things that Made My Holiday Happy

1. Little One’s joy at opening presents-eating the paper mostly
2. Mr. B enjoying Napoleon Dynamite soudtrack-lovin’ the old school songs & movie quotes
3. Sweet sleeping dogs snoring peacefully
4. No accidents from dogs all weekend!
5. Dove chocolate from Mr. B
6. Gluten avoided-so no headaches, hurray!
7. Erin Bode singing
8. Pecan stuffed dates-simple and sweet
9. Being in calming poses- Hero and Easy– during the chaos
10 Rebounder-thanks Santa, aka Mr. B!
11. Inspirational blogs, another one and another
12. Cool walks on quiet trail
13. The ‘magical hour’ for sensational photo taking
14. Cold, star filled nights
15. Warm, sunny days
16. Tiny new life (5 days fresh)
17. New Planner Pad started
18. The smell of lavender
19. Mr. B’s delicious cooking
20. Cameras to capture the precious moments
21. The smell of cinnamon in the air
22. Funny and inappropriate Santa and I Know It video
23. I will be getting this for myself for Christmas
24. Laughter
25. Little One, B and Me


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