Of Hair & Reality

My hair before the chop. Ugh. Boring.

This week I (finally) got my hair cut. I have been trying to grow it out since before Little E was born.
It has not looked so well.
Constantly in my face and tickling my nose.
I kept it because, well, I am a female and I am supposed to want long hair.
All the sexy ladies have loooong flowing strands

Source: tumblr.com via Chloe on Pinterest

(works well as a cover for topless-ness too I see)

Beautiful picture of chubby baby and long haired mamma.

Mermaids always have long hair.

I hate my hair when it is long(er).

I am not that female.
Or that mom.
Or a mermaid.

There is nothing wrong with being a gorgeous long-locked lady.
I am just not her.
My hair wasn’t made to be long, flowing and gorgeously full of body
I am ok with this.

Just because I like short hair does not make me less of a female.

It’s just hair.
And yet, my ‘do IS one of the first things people see.
Aside from a smile of course!
I want the first impression I give to be authentic.
Truly, utterly and completely me.
Not who I am pretending to be, think I want to be or who I am trying to copy.

I am charged in this life with being me.

I suck at being someone else.
Yup. Really suck.

Ironically and perfectly timed I heard this song yesterday
There can never be a More Beautiful You
     “You were made to fill a purpose, only you can do”
You are amazing Just the Way You Are

Short, long, curly, straight.
Doesn’t matter.
As long as it is you
Plus, have you seen Tangled?! A glowing example of a chick who rocks her hair-long, short, blonde, brown.

P.S. I took multiple pictures for the big “after” reveal and could not find one I liked. Still some more mental “I love me” work to be done. :sigh:

Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else 
Judy Garland

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