A Life Choice

My life is not Clean and Simple.

When I see the name of this blog it seems like a cosmic joke.

I started it with the intention of educating and sharing information, tips and ways to help clean and simplify life, through products, recipes and DIY ideas

I wanted my life to be clean and simple.

Ironically, when I asked for simplification of my life, I was diagnosed with MS.

Another cosmic joke I am still do not think is funny.

So here I am, a few years later. A babe has been born, a life has been changed, a heart has expanded, a brain has been spotted.

I don’t know where that leaves this space.

I have thought long and frequently about what I wanted to do with this blog.

Wondered who I am.

In real life and virtually.

No answer has become clear for me.

I thought I would modify what is already here.  Work with what I already have. Not easy, but a great reflection of what one can do in their life.

Or I could start over. A clean fresh slate. A new name, tag line, purpose. A fun opportunity, easily available online.



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