Searching for Me

While trying to figure out how I am, what I am doing here, what is my voice, what I am trying to do…
I chose to read
Instead of watching a stupid show on television (Real Housewives I hate to luv you), I read a blog post by Miss Minimalist
A new one I subscribed to just this morning, found via Kimberly Wilson for this month’s book club pick.

A word I have heard
A way of living I find intriguing
Unattainable in my eyes for my life
But wait
It’s about the attitude

Chucking societies expectations
Creating space
Surrounding oneself with love
Sounds divine

True happiness is found in contentment, and you can’t buy that anywhere.Sarah
I want that!!

At a crossroads
Trying to just enjoy the sunshine
Anxiously awaiting the turn I will take
Wanting to know which way to go
Breathing deeply
Sitting in the pause…


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