This Week April

This Week April 15-19

Who you calling sick?!
Office Max 

My three guys!

Watched Monica & David documentary
Diagnosis Day#4 approaching
Hosting in RL event-my house April 27 10-noon. To encourage women and community!
Posted Spring Bucket List

This week had sickness, tears & plenty of rain.
Sleep was temporarily done away with for two nights straight. Little E, I love you and you are the worst sleeper when you are sick. Lots of crying and coughing and whining-by you and me!

We are actually having spring around here! Usually spring lasts for about a week and then hot, humid summer arrives, but not this year. We have had lots of rain, wind, rising and falling temperatures, and blooms hanging around. A quick trip to the store was necessary to get E some shorts & sandals during the hot days. Hurray!

I am tired of allowing other people’s opinions (real or assumed by me) dictating my decisions. Please remember this.

Painting days! E painted on the porch and in the tub. On paper, the porch and himself. Masterpieces!

N-you are such a glorious, squishy kissable chunk. 14 lbs 9oz of love-at 10 weeks!


I have been enjoying moments with you two boys more & more.
Being present
Looking into your eyes & precious faces
So much love to you

E-peeing on Alphabet Train. Nice aim and it is officially your train now!
N-love walking around with your warm, soft body in my arms. My giant dino (short for dinosaur)!

My boys are my life’s work

Her eyes slowly close. Deep breaths taken. A sleeping baby grunts & groans from down the hall. A sleeping toddler sucks his thumb & breaths rhythmically. A smile can’t help but form on her lips.
A house & heart full. 

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