Grounded in Gratitude

Seems fitting, this  month of November, to start my blog with an attitude of gratitude. I want  the foundation of my life, and this blog, to be love and thankfulness.  Some practices which are helping me:

1. A daily practice of writing down three things for which I am grateful. I jot them down in my journal, numbering them as I go. Some days I see more than three, others I struggle for one. Perspective is a fickle friend. The harder I have to look clues me into how far I have strayed from my heart.  At A Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp gives you prompts if you get stuck.

Random three:

86. a day begun with rain

61. balloons filled with helium

62. eyelashes for fluttering butterfly kisses

2. Taking a daily picture has also helped me see the beauty of my life. Some prompts here if needed.


My name is sprinkles. An art piece begun.

IMG_5023 IMG_5088

Sunlight piercing through clouds.                                 A backpack, oven-mitt wearing toddler.

3. Breathe. Taking the time to draw a breath helps me ground and remember what is most valuable. The present moment. I Rest here.

My November Pinterest Board


2 thoughts on “Grounded in Gratitude

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