Today the Sun Came

Gray clouds covering a cold, wet Earth. A wind blows pricking at faces and fingers. Moods lower and smiles hide. A heaviness is felt by human and animal.




Each one here for a time and passing when it’s time.

The past few days have been this way, literally and figuratively. It has been felt in the outdoors and in my heart. Emotions on a sharp, precarious edge. Anger sparked and exploded. Sadness feeling like a weight causing shoulders to droop and head to lower. Sighs emerge from deep within.

How deep and wide will THIS time be?

How far and long will I have to claw my way out?

Scraping and struggling to emerge from the pit.

Difficult to know when in the hole.

During these times I DO know:

My life is good, my perspective needs shifting.

My heart is heavy, it will be light again.

My mind is warping reality, it will be true- reflective soon.

So I breathe.

Sit in the unhappy place. Not to fester, but to feel. To ask what my feelings are trying to show me. Letting them be directors, no dictators.

Uncomfortable. Painful. Tear filled.

Just breathe.

And then, today the sun came

.Oct -18 162


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