Reverb 2013 Dec 7 & 8

The original thought

Dec 5 & 6

December 7What was your funniest story from 2013? This is a great prompt to have some fun with! Think of a funny story you were involved in, heard of, saw happen, etc. Describe what happened – is there any back story to it? What were the circumstances? Do you still chuckle when you think about it now?

This story was pretty funny to live, fun to write and giggles to relive. Comedy living with Littles!

December 8What was the quote or saying that most resonated with you this past year? Was there any quote, mantra or saying that really spoke to you? Helped you through something? Made you smile?


Not Perfect.

From Shauna Niequist’s book Bread and Wine. This helps me to remember to be present in this extraordinary ordinary moment and not strive for perfection. It also reminds me to be here in the now even if it isn’t perfect. I have a difficult time being present if it isn’t perfect. A quote in progress. Each moment. She recently posted about it this, especially as it pertains to the holidays!

Beautiful Beginnings

Beautiful Beginnings


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