Radiant Reveille

RADIANT Reveille!

Ahh. The morning. Best part of the day. Full of possibility of a brand new day.

You can Maximize your Mornings. Wake up FOR your family instead of to the sounds of your family. Pray. Set an intention for the day. Have a bit of quiet time. Exercise. Take time for you. There is even a challenge to go along and hold you accountable (#HelloMornings).

How early do you need to get up to do all of that?!

In this season of Littles, sleep is more precious to me than, ummm, free babysitting on a Saturday night!

The thought of losing more sleep (even for a noble cause) leaves me feeling burnt out and sad. High fives to those of you who can. My time will come. One day. Maybe.

Then there is How to be a Morning Goddess.

Good stuff. Inspiring. Unique.

But what of MINE?

What of YOURS?



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