Another Five-Minute Friday! Hands

My hands are small I know…-Jewel

Hands tell a story. The scars, short nails and ragged cuticles.
Hands which pat, hold and reach. They soothe, wipe and scrub. So much love and work from these hands. Skinny fingers and small palms. Strength is small things.
I view yours and am in awe at how they have grown. First in tight fists, uncurling when belly full, warm body and sleepy.Palms that hold fuzz and moisture. Eventually Oopening up to the world and providing entertainment as they come into your vision. Then reaching for anything that moves-my earrings, mouth and eyes. Kissing your sweaty palms, they smell like sweetness and moist warmth. Your hands hold the future. The world.

Create it.


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