Fear & Shame

Fear monster

Problem: Fear.

False Evidence Appearing Real

Forgetting Everything’s All Right

aka scarcity mentality, bottom line-not enoughness

Antidote: Cultivate gratitude & joy. Fear is silenced by gratitude!

The dark does not destroy the light, it defines it. It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows –Brene Brown

Acknowledge the Fear.

Befriend and Release.

Understand & Overcome.

How to Overcome Fear by Brendom Bruchard The Charged Life podcast 2/20/2014

What if?!  

Focus on Gain. Abundance, not scarcity, mindset.

See change & challenge as a GAME

Believe in yourself and release your fears

Have a conversation with your fear. Pause. Breathe deeply. Be still. Close your eyes and place you hands on your hear. Ask you fear

Why are you here?  What are you afraid of?

Allow the answer to come to you. No rush.

When fear has told you about its story, write down the answers

What do I need to do to set my fears free?

Believe you can release you fears & achieve your dreams after releasing your fears you will have space for your beautiful dreams to grow.

Fear Whisperer-laughter!

Fear & Shame-speak of it, shines light upon it and diminishes it’s power.

So take that fear & shame!!


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