Five Minute Friday Hurray-EXHALE

Flower Exhale

Exhale Random Play

Exhale as a flower-blooming, opening, releasing.

Writing as an exhale

Balance of in and out

Pause in between

Exhale as a RELEASE

Freedom in the exhale

In our busy lives as doers the exhale almost seems passive. An inhale charges one up. Ready for battle. An exhale can feel like a giving up. A letting go. A puff of air leaving our bodies. Leaving behind a space ready to be filled with the next inhale.

I have been inhaling and holding my breath for a long time. Waiting for something bad to happen. Waiting for something good to happen. Always thinking. Doing. Running. Reaching.
I imagine exhaling as a peace. Rain falling from a cloud after a long collection of water. Drops of hope and stillness. Blowing out candles and making a wish. Shoulders dropping down. Holding that space. Exhale is taking time to listen to my thoughts. Muting the words of others to truly hear my own still small voice. It’s in there. It whispers. Words of my own have power and meaning too.

It’s time to exhale.



4 thoughts on “Exhale

  1. Just beautiful, with our exhale comes peace, comes release, and comes freedom from what we are trying to hold onto. Was it really hours to hold onto in the first place.

  2. Beautiful! And so true- I have been holding my breath too waiting and waiting for something to happen! To finally exhale is bliss- thank you so much for sharing this post! x

  3. This is absolutely lovely, Charity. I am inhaling your words and won’t soon exhale. Keep writing and sharing your tender heart.

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