Yes. Charity is really my name.

I am a radiant, beautiful & whole soul.

I am also pitch black feeling, ugly fear and scarred heart.

I love. I hurt. I create.

I laugh. I cry. I yoga.

I love to dance, I can’t lie and I  crave simplicity.

I think too much, my boundary lines are faulty and I have Multiple Sclerosis.

I have two adorable Little Warriors I am guiding to be World Dominators, really I just keep them from licking the toilet. Epic shit either way.

I breathe. I live. I take photos. I spill words.

Glad you are here!

May all Beings be Happy & Free in 2015

And wear black polish with sparkles to remind us we are made up of both light and dark. The glitter of the stars.

Radiant Renegades, Light Up!!

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