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Books, Beautiful Books!

I heart books. The real, in your hands, smell the spine feel of books.  Each book holds millions of secrets and ideas that I just can’t wait to consume.

That was then.

This past year I have fallen out of infatuation with books. I am not as excited to read them, their treasures are not opened by me. I start to read and loose the topic quickly. My life is not one for sitting around and diving into a great book for any length of time. It’s more a read a bit and go kind of life. Two Littles, both so young and energetic, to run after, corral and keep from jumping off something high. Tis the season…

Plus, I am realizing not only in my head, but deep in my whole-heart and gut:

Only I have the answers I seek. All I need, I already have inside of me.

I used to read books to fix me, to make my life better, to urge me to greatness. I did the things they spoke of, I followed the path others took, I tried this, I did that. I stumbled. I read some more. I then started to notice contradictory ideas. Some things I read just didn’t seem true to me, for me.

Wait a tick.

If it’s in black and white it is NOT automatically 100% true for 100% everyone. What a shock for me to understand. Still recovering from the heartbreak…

This past year I requested A LOT of books from our local library. I am so thankful we have an awesome library system. Didn’t read most of them. Sigh. The titles alone are inspiring!

Then there is this idea from Leonie Dawson which almost makes me want to buy my own books and doodles and highlight in their pages. Hmmm…

Back and forth. This and that. What to do…

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Healing Dental Decay

Smile Balloons

A recent trip to the dentist ended up being very disappointing. My poor teeth.

In an effort to heal the decay and prevent further I am trying these methods. Wish me luck!

Our major goal this week is


Capture them

Create them

Take care of them

So here goes…

Some friends had suggestions for me on our Holi Moms facebook group.

Keeper of the Home wrote about healing a cavity with nutrition

Basically-stay away from refined foods and sugar, eats lots of good fats, raw foods & soaked grains.

Also adding-Fermented cod liver oil, Remineralizing Toothpaste and Ghee

I am going to add Trace Minerals and calcium/magnesium powder to our homemade toothpaste (equal parts coconut oil, baking soda and spearmint

There is a Book-Cure tooth decay : heal & prevent cavities with nutrition by Nagel, Ramiel.


Sending you in 2015

Sparkle Elephant

I am sending you…

Sunshine  ribbons of warm light

Wind whispers-listen closely

Adventure Owls reminding you to always believe in yourself

Spider webs to remind you of spontaneity and the joyful feeling that comes with finishing well what you start

Sunsets ablaze showing you how to see & protect what you believe in

Star gazing so you will always know where you are and may gently lead the way

Moon beams to help you celebrate you-true and pure love.

I wish for you…

to be lit from within by living intentionally. Don’t just let life happen to you. Make goals and then make them happen..

to clean & simplify

to create your space by feeling like you belong inside of your skin and inside of your life. That sense of belonging is essential. Do the work that gets you there, let go of the things that don’t.

to listen to your body and your inner-self and give you what you need. Even when it’s telling you what you don’t want to hear, listen anyway.

to discover exactly what you need to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit and then let it into your life.

to love things with passion. Delight in the little things. It’s the little moments that make up the bulk of our lives. Don’t overlook them, don’t cease to appreciate them
to give.

to receive an abundance of love, friendship, and support. Those things a happy life make. Seek out those things, even if it’s only from yourself.

to be flawed and know that you are worth loving and being cherished for exactly who you are. Let me repeat: You are worth loving.

to be nothing but yourself. love yourself. Deeply, completely, and unconditionally. If you strive for anything this year, strive for that.

to begin again, each time fearless

Self Love and Care


Love and honor your body.

Release the rules others have created. The diet plans and the exercise programs.

Just love your body.

20 Ways to Love Your Body.

Do more of the things that make you feel powerful, confident and beautiful.

Make yourself a priority.

Reflect on 3 (at least!) wonderful things your body does for you each day.

Take a moment to appreciate all that your body does for you.

Then, make a list of 3 things you will do this week to love your body.

Do them.

A Self-Care Planner from Kris Carr

All sorts of self love goodness from Christine Arylo

Love Meditation


I made a love meditation for fabulous YOU!

<p><a href=”″>Love Mediation Video</a> from <a href=”″>Charity Lamprecht</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Here it is to read:

Love Meditation

Hello lovelies! Thank you for joining me on this guided meditation to love. I’m Charity, creator of A place to start something new! Good for you for taking time to tune in to yourself and the love inside and all around you.

Sitting up or laying down, some part of your body touching the floor. Getting grounded.

Lengthen your spine, relax into your backside. Get comfortable.

Become aware of your breath, breathing deeply and slowly. When inhaling, breathe in a deep sense of calm and relaxation. When exhaling, send this energy to any part of your body that is tense or holding uncomfortable emotions. With each breath you take, become more and more relaxed, finding your own way to the still, calm, quiet center of your being.

To your place of wholeness, completeness, and love.

Your center is always there, waiting for you the visit. Stay awhile. Anytime you please.

Now, imagine that you are breathing in an out, through your heart and, with each breath, filling your heart with warmth and light. Imagine that you are immersed in a field of love. Let this loving energy fill your whole being, until you feel you are being breathed by it. Love in. Love out.

Open to the truth of our oneness and interconnectedness-how we all breathe the same air and are sustained by the same Earth and the same love. Let a sense of sacredness of all life come into you and fill you.

Remember a time when you acted from a sense of interconnectedness and oneness, when you listened to the voice of your own conscience and experienced the power of love. Love all around you and inside of you. What does that feel like in your body? What does that feel like in your being?

Now open to the ways you are not acting out of love at this point in your life. When is your behavior clouded by apathy, discontent or disgust. How does that feel in your body? How does it feel emotionally?

From the perspective of your wisest self, ask yourself: How can I live with greater lover in my own life now? How can I feel love inside of my soul and spread it out to others? What patterns of behavior do I want to change? What resources or guidance can I call on to give myself the strength to behave more in alignment with love? Image what it feels like to live from a place of greater love and wholeness. What does it feel like to be more fully connected to the loving center of your being? What do you need and intend to do to realize this aspiration?

Now take a moment to make a commitment to yourself to take a brave step in the direction of greater love and connectedness. When you feel that you are ready, slowly and gently bring this love meditation to a close. Taking a few deep breaths, return to the present moment, feeling your connection to your loving center and to all life.


Maple Candy

Leave pan of snow or crushed ice outside or in the fridge till the moment you are ready to use it. Heat maple syrup in a pot to 270 (use a candy thermometer). Carefully dribble hot syrup in small patches over snow/ice. Each one of the patches will immediately turn to chewy toffee. Yum!